It's no surprise, this hurricane season has been busier than usual.

Hurricane Maria was a category 4 storm when it made landfall in already storm-battered Puerto Rico and it left the area devastated.

It turns out there are several residents in Corpus Christi who have family on the island and some of them haven't heard from their relatives since the storm hit.

A group of them rallied together Saturday and started collecting supplies to send over to there, Kiii Reporter Madeleine Dart shares their story.

Susie Castillo and her mother are trying to stay strong during these tough times.

Four of their relatives are unaccounted for and another one lost their life.

"It's hard and they need help and we are their sisters and brothers and we just need to step up and help them as much as we can", Castillo said.

Together we can, that's what Castillo and her fellow Puerto Rican friends are saying to stay strong in these tough times.