People are having mixed feelings about a picture released by the Corpus Christi Police Department Monday of officers sitting on their motorcycles monitoring traffic and catching speeders.

Some are saying it is an attempt to issue more tickets to bring money into the City, but officers say it is all about making drivers aware of how dangerous speeding can be.

Car accidents happen all the time, and whether its a fender bender or something serious, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a majority of accidents are caused by speeding, which is 100-percent preventable.

So the CCPD is spreading the word, even using the hashtag "#SpeedKills."

The photos stirred up conversation in Facebook comments Monday morning. People said police create speed traps purely to write pricey tickets. Police say that is just not true, and they want the public to know they have their best interest in mind, and that speeding is never a good idea.

"What we find is, as the enforcement goes up in particular areas when it comes to traffic safety, the number of traffic accidents goes down as well, so that's the main target," Sr. Officer Tommy Cabela said. "We're just trying to make sure to promote safety."

Not all the comments were negative. Many people agree with the action the CCPD is taking and agree that drivers need to slow down.

No matter if you're late to work or just fed up with traffic, the CCPD says it is not worth putting others' lives and your own in jeopardy, or getting a pricey speeding ticket.