How do you feel about O.J. Simpson's possible release? Over the years we have all come to know him, and some Corpus Christi residents have some pretty strong feelings about it.

A lot of people that spoke with 3News Thursday said Simpson simply cannot stay out of trouble, and even though he's been in prison for years, they wonder if he has truly learned his lesson.

Simpson has as little as two months before he could be released on parole, and some are hopeful that he will leave a new person.

"Just hopefully he'll be a better man than he was before," Rod Rodriguez said. "I mean it's never too late."

Simpson's sentence for his 2007 arrest ranged from a minimum of nine years to a maximum of 33.

"When you're in the system like that for a long time and you come back it's hard to adjust back to the world when a lot, a lot has changed," Merrari Rojas said.

Most are hopeful that the former NFL star will discontinue his ongoing run-in's with the law, but are still skeptical as to how long he'll be able to obey probation orders.