A new policy for the Boy Scouts will allow girls to join the Cub Scouts and in 2019, they'll be eligible to become Eagle Scouts.

Kiii Reporter Briana Whitney caught up with some Boy and Girls Scouts, and the consensus is that this is not a good idea.

They said as it stands now, Girl Scouts get to do just about everything the boys get to do and changing the foundation of these longtime organizations seems unnecessary.

Arianna Burns said she hates it, and "Girl Scouts is the biggest company run by women, and that accomplishment I think girls should be proud of and should want to support that".

The boys agree too, 11-year-old Micah Cortinas said he enjoys time with the boys, and having girls around would take away from that.

Boy Scouts of America said next year the girls and boys will be separated at the Cub Scout level, but details haven't been specified for the Eagle Scouts, and April Cortinas said she sees coed activities as a liability problem with teenagers.

Cortinas said, "My daughter wouldn't feel right going with an organization where maybe there are 9 boys in a troop and just her. How awkward is that?"

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn a gold award, which is equivalent to an Eagle Scout rank.

Cortinas hopes girls will stick with Girl Scouts, an organization that has already seen declining membership in the past five years.

Kiii did try and reach to both the South Texas Boy Scouts of America council and local troop leaders.

They all said they haven't been able to form an opinion on the change because they haven't been told any details on if the programs will be altered when they bring in girls.