It's been a week since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. It's left behind plenty of standing water, and with standing water comes mosquitoes.

The good news is the City's Vector Control will begin spraying Friday night.

Neighborhoods around the Oso Creek have been especially affected.

"I noticed that, not the day before yesterday, no, but yesterday," Daniel Balboa said. "Yeah. They got pretty bad. Then today in the morning they were attacking pretty bad, but yeah, it seems like they went away whenever the sun came out."

"It's vicious. I actually left my can of OFF on the table, but I completely forgot to put it on and I went down the Bear Creek Trail and I was swarmed," Cara Westrup said. "I've got to avoid that trail area just for a couple of weeks."

Captain Billy Broyles, who oversees the City's Vector Control crews, said they are spraying and utilizing larvicide and mosquito dunks, but they need the community to do their part by eliminating standing water.

"They can populate within a small tablespoon of water," Broyles said. "So anything they see that's standing, please get rid of."

Broyles said in a couple of weeks they should be able to contain the growth in the mosquito population that has stemmed from Hurricane Harvey.