There were some strong words during Wednesday's Nueces County Commissioners Court meeting with FEMA representatives on the receiving end.

Commissioners said the Agency has not done enough to help people recover from Hurricane Harvey.

"I want to say this to your face, so you don't think I'm saying it behind your back," Commissioner Brent Chesney said. "It's been a colossal failure in this area. Pure and simple. And I don't think that you could get an elected official that's been involved in this that wouldn't agree."

Commissioners and other officials were candid when speaking to FEMA.

"I've only been a legislator since 1989 and I haven't heard much from FEMA," State Rep. Todd Hunter said.

Especially about the application process and the number of manufactured housing units that have been built in Nueces County since Hurricane Harvey.

"Do you not see a problem with the fact that 13,000 people called in and I think that you said 43 total families, three that are in housing?" Chesney asked.

FEMA said they are waiting on permits from cities and counties to put FEMA trailers on manufactured homes down for 43 families.

"Because FEMA wasn't doing anything, so thank God for these people in Port Aransas who formed this group and have now bought 35 trailers," Chesney said. "And they didn't have any problems with permits. They brought them in the city approved them like that."

The federal agency said their response has been appropriate.

"I don't think we are slow. We are moving at a rapid pace, and I think that we have done a good job helping people," FEMA spokesperson Jann Tracey said.

FEMA said their only failure during the recovery process was the lack of educating the public.

"Our purpose is to give somebody a helping hand. Not to put them back together, but to give them a helping hand up where they can move on," Tracey said.

Wednesday's meeting was meant to brief commissioners on progress, but was instead an emotional plea for answers.

"This has been a travesty, and this is broken, and there is nothing up here that you've said to me yet that you said isn't any more broke than four months ago," Chesney said.

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