What started as good intentions has flooded coastal cities impacted by Hurricane Harvey with a new problem. The natural inclination was to help out and lots of folks did that by sending all kinds of spare clothing to the storm victims. Before long, many of the hardest-hit communities were inundated with clothing.

For many, it's actually become more of a hindrance than a help by slowing down some cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

Pictures from the small town of Woodsboro show what looks more like a dump site. It's actually trashbags filled with both new and used clothing.

Sarah Niemann who is a donation coordinator in Woodsboro said most people had good intentions, but most of the clothing has piled up outside collection sites simply because they don't have the man power to take it in.

"It's crazy to see how big these piles can get. How monstrous they are and they are stacked everywhere, " said volunteer Kyle Conlea.

Conlea and other volunteers spend most of the day hauling the overflow of donations in a 16 foot trailer back to Corpus Christi.

The group took the piles of clothing to a warehouse at 6222 Greenwood to be sorted out.

It's where we also found Zarron Gonzalez, who just last week we featured in a story about him volunteering his time by moving downed trees from homes in Rockport. His time and effort now are being spent another way.

"Everybody at this point is at a halt. Saying please don't donate any more. We're trying to be a solution to that problem."

Gonzalez is hoping to find a new and bigger location to house the donations and says the best donation is money or offering a helping hand in the clean up or rebuilding process.

For more information on how to help sort the clothing, call Zarron Gonzalez at 361-774-0352.