An Army veteran recently lost everything he owned when his RV somehow caught fire. The frightening scene happened at the Wal-mart in Kingsville last week.

The man, Chuck Luxner who is also currently dealing with stage four cancer, is now seeing an overwhelming show of support by a group of Kingsville residents.

Sean Mitchell, a cook at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun saw the fire and knew he wanted to help. He called Aubrey and Sally Black.

Sally told 3 News, "we understand you lose everything you own. It's a crisis. You can't really recover from it right away."

The owners of the fishing and hunting lodge offered Chuck a place to stay while he gets back on his feet. Chuck now has a roof over his head, a warm bed, but most importantly the comfort of knowing he's not alone.

They have also started a go fund me account for others to help. You can find it by clicking here.