All U.S. Army Veteran Strate Strates wanted was his trike back after it was stolen, but he ended up with a lot more.

"I'd like to thank everybody for being so kind and restoring my faith in people," Strates said.

It was Monday afternoon when the 72-year-old disabled veteran lost his only mode of transportation, an electric bike.

After a police report was filed, the two Corpus Christi police officers assigned to his case agreed to help fix Strates' garage. A local bike retailer also said they will donate a new bicycle to Strates, and a GoFundMe account was set up to raise the money it cost to replace the electric motor that powered the bike -- $700. That account has now exceeded its mark.

Over $1,600 was raised in one day. In addition to the donations, many locals wanted to help out. Mike Barnes, owner of Green Volt EV, stepped in and dediced to give Strates a brand new kit for his bike. Barnes said that is a $300 savings.

Other locals have since called our newsroom offering to cook meals and replace Strates' garage door. Someone also donated $100.