Some Bee County residents are concerned about an animal rescue organization that they say is not properly taking care of some dogs.

It all comes from a video posted by a volunteer on social media.

Kiii News Reporter Taylor Alanis looked into the story and came back with the details.

Pet Groomer Shelby Blevins said she heard rumors about the deplorable conditions at Pet Assistance, Inc., but it wasn't until she volunteered for the organization that she said she saw how bad it really was.

"They are left out here alone, unsupervised, by themselves in extreme weather conditions," Blevins said. "You know this was Texas heat, 100 degrees outside."

Blevins said the water was filthy, the dogs were covered in fleas and the food was dumped over the top of the kennels, sometimes getting mixed in with feces.

"I asked them several times if I could go inside to clean, if I could walk them, if I could bathe them and permission was denied every single time," Blevins said. "They're not being handled. They are not being walked. They are coming out here once a day if that. It's appalling."

Blevins said she wants authorities to seize the dogs and give them to rescues who can really take care of them.

"I've been working with the Sheriff's Department. I've been following the rules. Yes, it's not clean or salon perfect out there, but we are still building," owner Linda Lewis said.

Lewis said she is an animal lover who has been rescuing them for over two decades. She bought the land a year ago and said it is still a work in progress.

"You know, I need help building the fences better. I need help everywhere. I'm just one person. I can't be everywhere all of the time," Lewis said. "I need people that are willing to help me."

When showed the videos Blevins sent to 3News of the dirty water and living conditions, Lewis said the water is changed at least every other day and the dogs pull off the tarps.

Lewis said even though there's a lot more work to be done, she will keep on rescuing.

"You stop this work and they're going to be inundated with sick, dying, unfed abused animals coming out everywhere," Lewis said.

The Bee County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating some of the dogs on leashes, but they are in good condition and have found nothing unlawful going on.