Parts of this city continues to be occupied by the homeless, with many making the spots their sleeping grounds, and some Corpus Christi residents are still expressing their concerns over the rising issue.

From the late evening hours to the early sunrise, people are seen sleeping alongside the seawall on the Corpus Christi Bayfront at any hour of the day.

Kirk Luther is one of those who sleeps near the seawall.

"There were some nights where I would walk and walk and walk and walk to find a place I could lay my head," Luther said. "Never could find it because everything is lit up like a Christmas tree."

Although Luther is aware the area is not intended for sleeping, he said it is the only place he can get some rest.

While Mayor Joe McComb was not available for comment this week, 3News reached out to other City officials who are addressing residents' concerns.

"If you're doing what the park was intended for you to do here, then you're fine," said Jay Ellington with the City's Parks and Recreation Department. "And in the case of sleeping overnight in the park, it was not intended for that."

Ellington said people caught sleeping in areas are being picked up by the Corpus Christi Police Department.

"They're facing everything from trespassing to minor offenses for public intoxication or whatever it may be," Ellington said.

The City is working to ease concerns by developing programs that would allow the homeless population to give back to the city.

"We're working off the court system for a community-based program that would start this fall which would give the ability to work off fines and that type of stuff by beautifying the community as well," Ellington said.

Ellington said the City will continue to monitor the homeless population, and residents play a big part in finding a solution.

"We need more eyes and ears in the community, so help us to help the community," Ellington said. "It's about trying to make sure that we know that we all have an obligation to these folks."