As service crews help reopen road access to the heavily devastated community of Rockport, volunteer groups are beginning to arrive into town to aid with relief efforts.

One convoy of about a dozen pickup trucks from the Rio Grande Valley decided to chip in and loaded up their 4x4s with donations.

It's been three days since Hurricane Harvey unleashed its fury on rural Rockport, a community who's been left to pick up what's left of their homes and businesses.

However, there were signs that help was on the way Sunday as crews began to arrive to help lift the town back to its feet.

That's where the RGV Mud & Sand Recovery Team comes in. It's a 13 pickup, 4-20 trailer convoy that traveled 150 miles from deep South Texas loaded with 700 cases of water, food, clothes and a lot of good ol' warm, Texas love for the folks in Rockport.

The group, led by Joel Hernandez, banded through Facebook -- a community of over 26,000 4x4 aficionados willing get anyone out of a pickle.

"It's more like a family sort of way," 25-year-old Joel Hernandez said. "You can just go on that page and ask for help and they'll find a way to get people out there to wherever you're at."

The volunteers split into groups and took to the streets to hand out the donations.

It wasn't Hernandez' first rodeo.

"I've been through a lot of hurricanes and I've always gone out and helped out people, and you know," Hernandez said. "I know people would return the favor if I were the one needing help."

Residents like Marcelino Barajas said water is really what they need right now.

Like Marcelino, hundreds of people will be relying on volunteers and donations during the coming weeks before things begin looking like anything normal.

"This is really horrible. Like, people lose their homes and this is all they have," Hernandez said.

Volunteer crews like RGV Mud & Sand Recovery will continue coming into town to deliver donations. As for Hernandez' team, once they drop off what they carried in Sunday, they will be headed back home.