A mother and her young daughter are generating a lot of buzz on social media after they posted a video asking for City officials to fix up some local parks.

Kiii Reporter Steven Cavazos show us why the mother and daughter decided to speak up.

Mandy Cox said, "I finally got tired of complaining about the parks and wanted to try to do something about it and bring attention to it and see what I could do to try and help our parks get better by giving feedback to the city".

Her daughter Leila recently gave a review of Lakeview Park and Mandy posted the video on a Facebook page she created.

It didn't come as a surprise that after the video was posted, Cox received a huge response from people who all agree with the four year old statements.

Kiii showed the video to District 1 City Council member Carolyn Vaughn who is concerned about the lack of equipment.

Vaughn said, "it makes me sad to think that she goes to her neighborhood park and there's nothing there, that's awful, it's terrible, I feel sad".

Vaughn said she plans to move forward with addressing the rising issue and 4-year-old Leila is pushing forward too.