The City of Corpus Christi is making progress in avoiding a future water boil.

Kiii Reporter Brian Burns spoke with city water officials about their progress.

Yellow boxes that are attached to fire hydrants are auto flushers.

It automatically flushes the hydrant whenever they need to make sure the water in the pipes is not stagnant.

During Tuesday's council meeting, city manager Margie Rose gave an update on how improvements by the city are cutting waste by flushing less water.

"The auto flushing reduced from 1.2 Million gallons to 27,500 per day from October 2016 to February 2017," Rose said.

Gabriel Ramirez, the assistant manager of water quality and treatment said, "Dead-end main is a line that is in the distribution system that stops or dead ends and does not loop back to the main. When that happens there's a chance for water to be stagnant and then you have increased water age that can lead to poor water quality. "

Ramirez said the loop water lines eliminate dead-end water mains.

That happens by adding a pipe from the dead-end back to the main lines.

"This year alone we've actually been able to get rid of 33 dead-end mains through looping and other means," according to Ramirez.

The city has contracted to have another 30 dead-ends changed to looped lines over the next six months that has led to the water savings.

Another improvement is the chlorine-dioxide that's being added to the treatment process at the water plant.

The water department reported back in October there were 54 auto flushers being used for hours a
day to flush the system.

Now there are only nine active water flushers across the city that are being used 30 minutes a week.