Downtown Management District officials said cyclists in Corpus Christi have ridden over 31,000 miles using the bike rental company Zagster. That's the equivalent to one-and-a-quarter times around the world.

However, according to Downtown Management District Executive Director Terry Sweeney, Corpus Christi's Zagster system only has one-third the number of bikes as the other 50 cities the company operates in.

"The other systems are actually larger. We are one of the smaller systems, but we have more usage," Sweeney said.

There are more than 4,000 people registered on Zagster in Corpus Christi. Sweeney said it is a positive step forward not only for the local economy, but toward fighting the diabetes epidemic in the Coastal Bend.

"It speaks to the fact that we have a beautiful Bayfront that people want to explore," Sweeney said. "We have an interesting downtown that they want to explore, and so we gave them another way to do that."