A Coastal Bend neighborhood was targeted by thieves over the weekend. This time a well known political leader, Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley, was among the victims.

"There's nothing in my mind worse than a thief," Pusley said.

Sometime on Sunday evening, Pusley and a few of his neighbors in the Castle River neighborhood were hit by the thieves. Since many in that neighborhood have security cameras, the thieves left a good trail of evidence.

Video captured how the two suspects methodically went down the street searching for unlocked vehicles while a third suspect remained behind the wheel of a white Crown Victoria with a sunroof.

Pusley considered the thieves' actions so vile, he said he went to Facebook to express the extent of his frustration.

Sadly, this type of thievery isn't exclusive to certain areas.

"It's a very quick crime to commit, especially when cars are left unlocked," said Lt. John Hooper of the Corpus Christi Police Department, adding that this type of crime knows no boundaries.

"A pair of auto burglars can work their way through a neighborhood and they can hit 10, 12 or more cars in a very short period of time," Hooper said. "So when thieves like this target a neighborhood, it often appears that there's a rash of crimes in a neighborhood or certain part of town, when in all reality it's just one group on one night. They can do an awful lot."

That is little consolation to the victims of the most recent auto burglaries in the Castle River neighborhood. Residents there said they feel downright violated.

"Go get a job," a resident said. "There's plenty of places for you to work. Don't come breaking into our homes and our cars at night."