The Nueces County Commissioners Court is considering a one-cent increase in the tax rate in order to make up for the expected loss in property tax revenue caused by Hurricane Harvey, particularly in Port Aransas.

Commissioners will discuss that proposal during Wednesday's commissioner's court meeting.

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"One cent on the county tax rate raises about $2.5 million for the county," Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal said. "We're looking at this because we're anticipating a large reduction in revenue from reappraisals in January at Port Aransas, which represents eight-percent of the total Nueces County tax values."

What that one-cent increase in the tax rate means is, if you own a property appraised at $124,000, you can expect to pay about $13 more on your tax bill.

Of course, that still will not be enough to make up for the loss according to Judge Neal.

"We're anticipating that we're going to lose, just in Port Aransas alone because of reappraisal values, between $3-5 million in revenue to the county," Neal said.

Nueces County is just one of the handful of taxing entities such as the hospital district, school districts, Del Mar College and the like, that could also be considering an increase in their tax rates.

While it's often said that nothing is certain but death and taxes, at least for the moment in Nueces County, things are still uncertain.

"We may not do it," Judge Neal said. "We may just bite the bullet and see what happens next year, and then that's what we may have to do."

The proposed increase will be on Wednesday's commissioner's court agenda.