Wednesday was day two of the water boil advisory in Beeville, where City crews were digging up old cast iron pipes in at least one neighborhood.

The alert came after a resident complained about yellow water.

It is believed that the yellow tint to the water is due to old rusting pipes. Those old pipes combined with our red hot summer weather may have led to the City's second water boil alert since April.

City utility workers were down in a trench trying to dig out an old cast iron pipe that may have been in the ground for up to 60 years. It was happening at the intersection of Tyler and Gramman.

It's hoped that if they can replace the cast iron pipe with some some new PVC piping, then the water boil alert may end up going away. Actually, there's a number of cast iron pipes running under the street in both directions. All are going to be replaced.

The City's Utility Director William Shaffer explained, "We have a chloramine system which is the same as in Corpus Christi and currently what we think is we have aging infrastructure cast iron lines and that sort of thing and the temperature has a affected a lot of the water quality the higher the temperature the faster the chlorine dissipates from the system."

Those who live along Tyler just want the problem solved once and for all. Gail Wood is one of those residents.

"I just hope they fix the problem basically," Woods said. "I mean twice is a little to much in a short amount of time. I thought things were going to change when a new city manager took over but I guess it hasn't."

Clair McMullen lives just down the street and at 80 years old, she says she can barely lift the pot of boiling water it takes to do her dishes. Then she has to add bottled water because it's too hot to put her hands in the sink water.

McMullen said she wants the City to back up what road signs around town boast about when it comes to this City's water. Those signs proclaim the City having a superior water system.

City officials said they are working with the TCEQ to figure out exactly what went wrong and they don't know when they'll have that answer, or when this latest water boil alert will end.