Dawson Elementary School Friday held a special anniversary celebration honor it's namesake Joseph T. Dawson.

Part of their celebration focused on the twenty anniversary of the school itself it also honored veterans everywhere in the country.

"Mr. Dawson. He is a great man that he served our country," 4th grader Rylie Galadeas said.

"Now I'm in third grade, now I know him. He's a good man. We still love him even though he died," 3rd grader Rylan Thompson said.

"They're all important to us. We have to respect them and honor them," 5th grader Andy Vasquez said.

Students took part in a day of patriotism that included a living history museum where students portrayed historical characters. The students also got to hear from the daughter Rosly Dawson Thompson who is the daughter of Joseph T. Dawson.

"We saw this book, and it said D Day. So we picked up the book, and we opened it up, and the first chapter said Dawson's first throw. And we said 'hey, that's our dad.' So we learned about it literally from a book. Not from his mouth. My dad felt this was the greatest honor and greatest privilege he ever had in his entire life to know that somehow his story would inspire kids going forward. And the fact that that's happening now is very meaningful to our family, " Thompson said.

"A sense of excitement and actually pride. This is a statue of Mr. Dawson and the story of Mr. Dawson. He's a true American World War II hero who turned the tide of D Day, him and his men which turned the tide of World War II," Principal Robert Arredondo said.

The school's fall festival goes until 9 pm Friday.