BRYAN, Texas - Si se puede! "Yes we can", it's the common chant I heard as I visited local businesses in the area who are standing in solidarity for what is being called, "Un Dia Sin Immigrantes" or A Day Without Immigrants".

Amelia Rodriguez and Maria Sanchez are a few of many local business owners who will be shutting their doors and staying away from work and school.

"This is a country of immigrants and tomorrow we want to show the nation how important we are," said Amelia.

Amelia says although their chairs will be empty, the protest will show that they may miss a day of work, but they are winning much more in the long run.

"To me it's my responsibility to support my people and to support people that are not Mexicans, because there are all kinds of races that come from different countries," said Amelia.

The social media organized boycott aims to show the effect immigrants have in the country on a daily basis, but many local business owners want to detract from the misconception that them protesting means they hate this country.

"I want to send that message, because a lot of people are getting confused about this. We love this country because this country gave us the opportunity to get a better life," said Amelia.

Corte Tropical is one of at least 40 known businesses that will be closed tomorrow for "A Day Without Immigrants"