A Del Mar regent has found himself in trouble with his fellow board members once again.

Tuesday, board member Guy Watts was censured for his *3rd time since February of last year. A censure is the highest form of punishment that the Del Mar Board of Regents can deal out to a fellow board member. The reason for that, is because Watts was elected by the public to his position.

While Guy Watts was present during the early portion of Tuesday's meeting, he did not return for the second half of the meeting. It was during the second half of the meeting when board members approved that third censure against him. They also took action to come up with a resolution on a fourth censure.

We spoke with board president Trey McCampbell about the board's ongoing disapproval of Watts. He says the censures are based upon what he says are Watt's continued ethics violations.

While Watts still has a few years left on his term, the board is currently looking into any legal action they might be able to take in order to remove him.