With just weeks away until Election Day, young voters are carefully considering the presidential candidates. For most young voters this will be the first time they cast a ballot and they are eager to make their voices heard.

"You have the option to give your voice out. you have the option to change the world even if it's just one vote at a time" says Nimply Marks.

October 11th is the final day people can register to vote, and some students at Del Mar College already have that out of the way.

"There is a paper that you fill out. There was somebody that was talking about it in class. They gave out papers and depending what county you are you put in your name and where you live." said college student Victor Calcahdo.

Millenials make up 31-percent of voters according to online studies but not every student believes registering to vote will make a difference in this years Presidential election. Then there are some who still believe every voice matters

You can visit http://www.votetexas.gov to register to vote. Be sure to have your application post marked by October, 11th or visit your county clerk.