Tuesday was the first day of campus carry on community college campuses in Texas, including at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi.

That means if you have a license, you can carry a concealed weapon on campus. While some students said they feel it makes the campus safer, others said it's a school and they don't see why weapons are needed there at all.

"I'm for you getting a gun license and getting a gun, but just not to bring it to the educational ground," Del Mar sophomore Brittany Claramunt said.

Claramunt works for the student newspaper at Del Mar College, The Foghorn, and said they have been running articles getting students prepared for the change; but she views it more as a distraction than a benefit.

"I just don't really see the need," Claramunt said. "I mean, you come here to learn. You're not coming here to carry a weapon."

But other students disagree.

"What if you had to wait for a police officer to come rescue them in case there was an active shooter?" student Aaron Vega said.

Several students said they actually feel safer knowing, in the case of an emergency, somebody who is licensed to carry a gun would be able to protect students and faculty, and say in many instances school shooters never had a license.

There are some areas on campus where concealed carry is still banned, indicated by a large sign.

"Where the swimmnig pool is, is going to be off limits. The gymnasium," Campus Security Officer Lauren White said. "Those places where it would be hard for someone to conceal a weapon."

Even though it's a big change for many students, with weapons required to be concealed, they may never even know their classmate is carrying one at all.