It's estimated some 30,000 thousand people will crowd into downtown Corpus Christi for a night of revelry, music, food and fun.

Last year's Dia De Los Muertos festival brought in more than 20,000 people... this year organizers expect 35,000.

Michelle Smythe, the Executive Director of "K-Space" Contemporary who organized the event since it started nine years ago says, "we keep adding something to try and enhance the authenticity of it."

Take for example the use of giant-sized puppets, something new at this year's event that'll add a traditional Oaxaca feel to the celebration.

Smythe says, "they're about ten feet tall and the Texas A and M Corpus Christi university theater students are going to be parading them through the festival." Smythe added, "we have always felt like we wanted to have the alter display in order to have that more traditional component like they have in Oaxaca or other parts of Mexico, that's why we started the alter display at the Ritz theater."

This year an additional alter will be set up dedicated to our community Smythe says, "anyone who visits that alter is invited to bring a photograph of someone who they've lost who they'd like to honor or they can leave a Recuerdo Memorial to somebody there at the alter."

The Dia De Los Muertos festival kicks off at 3:00 pm on Saturday and runs till 12:00 am.