Phone calls from concerned parents poured in Monday morning to schools in the Calallen and Tuloso-Midway independent school districts in the wake of increased security at the campuses due to threats made on social media.

The threats reportedly singled out the two districts, prompting plans for an increased police presence at the schools.

"We've had several calls from parents. They're as worried as we are," Calallen ISD Superintendent Artie Almendarez said Monday morning. He and his assistant went to work early in anticipation of calls from concerned parents, and the calls did come in.

"The phones have been busy from about seven this morning, but things are much quieter now," Almendarez said.

The superintendent explained that the district is being proactive in their effort to make sure students and staff are safe, and that along with the police that work every day to keep their middle and high school campuses safe they are getting help from the local authorities, who have been very cooperative.

"It's a terrible time, not only here in this area, but the entire country. People are posting things on social media that they shouldn't post, and it's very worrisome," Almendarez said. "So you have to be proactive, almost vigilant, in terms of doing what we need to do to keep our staff and our students safe."

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