The swelling of breast tissue in men occurs quite commonly in puberty. The medical term for it is Gynecomastia.

Dr. Vijay joined us on 3 News First Edition to tell us more about the causes and treatments.

Breast tissue in males can be a vexing problem. It actually occurs quite commonly in puberty. In most instances it then ceases to be bothersome. However in some instances it can persist and even worsen. While it can be a result of hormone imbalance it is usually not. It can also be caused by a number of drugs and even some supplements. It is best to avoid anything billed as prohormones as they can result in Gynecomastia and Marijuana use is also associated with it. It also increases in incidence with increasing age become present in 25% of males over the age of 50. Treatment when it is bothersome is surgical. While there a few medications that can be used, they are not FDA approved for Gynecomastia and are not felt to be very effective. Surgery in an outpatient procedure. The newer technique involves small incisions in the inferior portion of the areola.