GRIMES COUNTY, Texas - Thanks to donations from local citizens, K9 officers with the Grimes County Sheriff's Office will be protected in the line of duty.

Apache and Tweaker are both K9 service animals with the Grimes County Sheriff's Office who recently got an upgrade to their uniform after a community member made a charitable donation.

After hearing of a need for K9 protective vests at the Grimes County Sheriff's Office, Jan Roseman and her husband Bob felt compelled to lend a helping hand and started a fundraiser within their King Oaks subdivision.

"Within a matter of less than a week we had $2000, and we had a huge participation. Probably 50 to 60 donors chipped in little bits here and there," said Jan.

The service animals have been with the Sheriff's office since October and K9 handler Matthew Ortega says he is so thankful for the donation because not only are human officers in danger of being attacked but K9 officers as well.

"Not a lot of the K9 attacks go in the news but a lot of the K9's are being attacked as well, so to have that and to have the King Oaks and the Grimes County community service us as we service them is greatly appreciated," said Ortega.