It is something that every adolescent has had to deal with. In fact, over 96% of teenagers have had to deal with acne. It tends to start when children are at a delicate time emotionally, during puberty, and then sometimes persists.

In fact, some say that it persists into adulthood in over 50% of people. And this problem has been growing. As with all situations to study one should go to a population that does not have this issue.

This would be some Polynesian and east Asian cultures. The diets there are very different from ours as is their gene pool.

As these populations migrate to the US their diets change and their children also start to get the ubiquitous pimples but not as much as most others. But they are not as badly affected.

So it is obvious that both genetics, diet, and environment play a factor. The cause can be broken down to this: blocked hair and oil glands that then allow a specific bacteria to grow and cause a localized infection.

The body then reacts and we get the surrounding redness and occasional pus.

After this heals, there is a scar that can vary in its severity.