Quite a number of the citizens of South Texas are currently suffering from upper respiratory tract discomfort. It is actually only the rare person who actually has influenza. Those that do generally have fevers around 103 F in addition to body aches and general malaise. Most people are suffering with a mild viral illness with a sore throat, post nasal drip, which causes a scratchy throat.

Many do not have significant drainage from the nose anteriorly but only posterior nasal drainage. This is also worsened by mountain cedar allergy. It is this mild viral illness in concert with the seasonal allergy that is affecting our fair city. It is known by many terms including the crud, etc.

In general the symptoms can be avoided by making sure that you take in plenty of fluids, eating well, washing hands regularly and avoiding contact with those who are sick. Additionally, over the counter anti allergy medication will also help. In general you do not need antibiotics unless symptoms persist over 7 to 10 days and if you are getting worse.