Dr. Vijay joined us on 3 News First Edition to tell us more about what causes hair loss and its possible treatments.

Hair loss is quite common in men, and can also affect women. In fact, rare is the person who is not affected by it. There are various reasons for it including stress, malnutrition, infections, and genetics. Of course as in all situations, the final affect is due to a combination of both genetics and environment.

After ensuring that there is no infection and that stress in well controlled then one can go onward to trying various methods of treatment. Most of the treatments are geared toward male hair-loss as the problem more often affects men. The treatments vary from topical ointments to the scalp to pills that can be taken. It is important to be aware of the side-effects of all of the methods before trying them.

If the methods are not successful or undesirable, then hair transplantation may be the option for you. It is important to discuss this with your physician so that he or she can direct you to the appropriate source for treatment.