As you age, good daily skin treatment can help keep your skin feeling young and fresh.

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele joined us on 3 News First Edition with a look at some things you can do to help stop the wrinkle in time.

Skin that is appropriately cared for with moisturizers, sun-block, good nutrition and hydration on a daily basis still needs occasional treatment that will further optimize both function and appearance. Regular exfoliation, and peels are important. Additional treatments that can remove signs of aging are botulinum toxin products, fillers and surgery. Exfoliation and peels remove fine lines and wrinkles and are an integral part of skin health.

Botulinum toxin products improve moderate lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. These same lines around the mouth are treated with fillers. Surgical treatment such as facelift treat work by re-suspending the skin and fat transfers restore the youthful fullness of the face.