This past week we felt the brunt of a true artic cold front. Your body can be susceptible to various injuries when the temperatures dip that low, so what should you watch out for? Dr. Vijay joined us Sunday morning with a closer look at the impact of frigid weather. We are finally getting into winter with the temperatures actually hitting the low thirties here in the coastal bend. Most think that to get cold related injuries, temperatures need to get much colder than that. That is not true. These temperatures can cause significant cold injuries, given the right circumstances. There are many natural defenses that protect our bodies from cold related injuries. This is our metabolic rate which keeps our body temperature at a relatively constant 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. There is also the insulation provided by our skin and the underlying fat. Most of us also wear additional clothing that is protective, with thicker more insulated clothing the colder the temperature. The injuries can be broadly classified into chilblain, trenchfoot frostbite and hypothermia.

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