In just eight days, a Brownsville woman with the Zika virus is set to give birth to a baby with microcephaly here in Corpus Christi  because of our high level of pediatric care.

The doctors say just like soccer, it takes a team to score a goal, and the reason the expectant mother with Zika is having her baby cared for at Driscoll Children's Hospital after it's born is because they have some of the best pediatric units in the country, and it will take several kinds of doctors to give the baby the care it needs.

It will be the first baby with microcephaly due to a Zika pregnancy to be born in Corpus Christi. In fact, it's one of the first such births in Texas.

The plan is for a Driscoll Children's Hospital OBGYN to deliver the baby at Bay Area Hospital, and then it will be immediately transferred to Driscoll's pediatric care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 10-percent of all Zika pregnancies result in a baby being born with birth defects. Doctors said while that number isn't alarming, they are hoping for a vaccine to be developed soon to prevent any problems; but we're not there yet, and unfortunately, microcephaly has no cure.

What some might not know is how prepared our doctors are for this case. Driscoll doctors say they have dealt with microcephaly in infants for years. The Zika aspect, of course, is new, but the protocol is the same.