It's the Boy Scout Motto — but it ought to be the Motorist Motto, too.

According to AAA, you're very likely to be one of the one in three drivers who face a breakdown or similar situation each year. And disasters come on all sorts of days, not just clear, blue 70-degree day with lots of people around.

If you find yourself stranded on that proverbial 'dark and stormy night,' you'll thank your lucky stars you assembled this emergency-preparedness kit.

Here's what should be in it:

• A wheel wrench and car jack to change the tire if your car came with a spare

• Battery jumper cables

• A tool kit or multipurpose tool

• A flashlight, along with backup batteries

• Reflective triangles so oncoming cars can see you

• A compass

• A fully stocked first-aid kit

• A blanket

• Nonperishable food such as unsalted nuts and dried fruits

• A car charger for your phone

• A fire extinguisher

• Duct tape because, of course

• A rain poncho

• Cold-weather tools including a snow brush, a small shovel, windshield fluid, warm clothing and cat litter to help with tire traction

• And emergency contact numbers for family, roadside services and your insurance provider.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, keeping a well-stocked emergency kit in your car … can save you a ton of stress.