A complaint has been filed against former Councilman Mark Scott with the Texas Ethics Commission regarding how he used his campaign funds during the special election in May.

Scott had to file his campaign finance report on July 17th. Days later, a formal complaint was submitted saying Scott used campaign funds for legal expenses and advice.

Scott himself is the first to say that he did use campaign money for that, but said it's 100 percent acceptable. The complainant says that he does not believe it was acceptable for Scott to use the thousands of dollars on legal expenses and consulting.

Scott said because the city council voted him ineligible to run after their lawyer said he was eligible, he had no choice but to appeal to the 13th District Court of Appeals, which required both legal consulting and expenses.

Scott printed out both his expenditures and the Texas Ethics Commission instruction guide, which do highlight consulting and legal services as appropriate use of campaign funds.

"When you look at the guide, the guide specifically says you can use campaign funds for legal fees," Scott said. "I'm confident that I did the right thing and I was very transparent."

In total, his campaign finance report reflects $45,000 in total campaign funds spent and of that, $9,000 went to legal fees to fight the city council's vote against his eligibility.

Because the complaint was just filed, Scott has not been made aware of it by the commission, but once he is, he will respond as necessary and believes this will work itself out in his favor.