The City of Corpus Christi helped its residents evacuate last Friday by sending them on buses from the Corpus Christi Natatorium to San Antonio. Those evacuees finally returned home Thursday.

Many who left last week were unsure of what they would have left when they returned as Hurricane Harvey made its way to the Coastal Bend. They said spending a week away from home was hard, but they are thankful to the City for getting them to safety.

Steven Miles was one of the many people who took the trip up to San Antonio. Once there, everyone was put into different shelters.

"They welcomed us and everything was good," Miles said. "They took great care of us."

For Hakim Dais, the evacuation turned into something special. He got to meet San Antonio Spurs player Manu Ginobili and even got his autograph.

"Mini vacation," Dais said. "It was a peace of mind. The Red Cross had a lot of snacks, a lot of food. It was a good experience as opposed to what was happening at home."

Most people would not call living out of duffel bags for a week a vacation, but being safe and sound and out of Harvey's path was a luxury in its own.

"I was just excited about leaving before getting stuck," George Viada said. "Being stuck in a storm."