On Tuesday, evacuees at the Ben Garza Gym Shelter in the city's West side said the condition of the shelter was unsanitary.

"There's so many kids, there's special needs people here, there's the elderly here and it's it's disgusting," Evacuee Michelle Bowers said.

Another evacuee who spoke to 3 news said there were people using the restroom where they please and there are areas where it was clear some were using drugs.

"It's disgusting," an evacuee said. "Please help."

Bowers and her family were evacuated from Rockport and were sent to two shelters in Austin before arriving at the Ben Garza Gym.

"Ad this is the worst one we've been to so far," Bowers said. "And this is the third one."

One of the biggest complaints evacuees had were no security, no transportation and no hot water in the four showers at the shelter.

"They don't have no law enforcement here what so ever," Bowers said."

"We are having to pay your rent money for transportation and the other shelters in the other cities gave us bus passes," evacuee Terry Smith said.

Evacuees said it's time for the city to step up.

"Red cross is doing the very best that they can," Bowers said. "And we aren't bad mouthing the red cross. They've been wonderful to us. I'd like to see them have more help."

The Red Cross said the National Guard offered to provide their bathrooms to evacuees with transport from RTA

"Residents that would like to shower," Vicki Labelle, a Red Cross Spokesperson said. "Our shelter team is doing sign ups and asking when the residents would like to go between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m."

Corpus christi Mayor Joe McComb said he was aware of some of the issues at the Ben Garza shelter. He said the city is working diligently with RTA to provide more transportation to evacuees and he will speak with the police department about security.