A community is shaken, and her family wants answers after 18-month-old Arabella Sanchez died back on Dec. 15.

Arabella suffered broken bones, bruised organs and bleeding under the brain and scalp later dying at the hospital. Arabella mother 19-year-old Chastity Herrera faces charges of suspicion of murder and injury to a child.

The Sanchez family said they were estranged from Arabella's mother. Most of the family had not even had the chance to meet Arabella's and were hoping to see her for the holidays but now they never will.

"I mean she had the whole world ahead of her," said Arabella's uncle, Adrian Sanchez. "She shouldn't of had to be taken out of this world the way she did."

Adrian will never get the chance to meet his niece, and the news of Arabella's death came from her grandma: Chastity Herrera's mom.

"Knowing an 18-month-old baby not even knowing what's going on, not even capable of telling anybody or doing anything about it is just very very: heartbreaking," Adrian said.

Arabella's father, Ezekial Sanchez, is in jail in a different city and will most likely not be able to attend his daughter's funeral. Ezekial's brother said if his family were able to have contact with Arabella they would have made sure she was safe.

"She wanted to do what she wanted to do. Go out with her friends or whatever," Adrian said. "Go hang out or just at least go watch the baby or something."

Last week the Sanchez family held a barbeque and raised $1,400.

"Half of it went to funeral expenses and the other half we went to buy some more meat to have another benefit which we are doing today," Adrian said.

The family hopes to raise $1,700 by night and have a GoFundMe for Arabella set up here.

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