Halloween brings out many who enjoy trick or treating and other festivities but CCPD want you to remember that it is important to stay safe when out and about this year.

Officers say if parents see any suspicious candy to throw it out, along with any homemade treats. CCPD also suggests minors travel in groups with family or friends when out trick or treating, and to be cautious of road signs and crossings.

"When you go trick-or-treating we want everyone to approach houses that are well lit and inviting, that are handing out candy. If it's a place that has the lights off it might be a good idea to pass that house all together." says Senior Officer Kirk Stowers.

Those who will be out late at night are encouraged to use a flashlight to help be seen. Parents can click here for a list of registered sex offenders in the area.

To know which houses are safe to visit for trick or treating this year check out NextDoor.