A new television series on the death of Tejano singer Selena is in the works, and the trailer, which was leaked on social media, is causing quite a stir among her fans.

The movie is based on a book published by a former Spanish-language television reporter and is called "The Secret of Selena," and while it has already been debunked by the Quintanilla family, fans are now getting involved.

The trailer begins with what appears to be security video of the area in front of the hotel room where Selena was shot. A woman is seen running, leaving a trail of blood. The scene then cuts to a hotel lobby where she collapses.

Selena fans are calling the graphic scenes "deplorable exploitation."

"All of us like her music. We know she's a legend, and no matter what other people try to do, it's not going to tarnish, or it's not going to damage the image that we have of her," a fan said.

A couple visiting the Selena statue in Corpus Christi Monday said the tell-all book is a way for the author to exploit the late singer.

"Her private life is completely separate from what the fans like about her. We do like to know about her, but personally it's just her music, the legend of her music, and her performances are what made us love her. Not her private life. Her private life is her private life, and she had all the right to have her private life."

Earlier this year, Selena's sister Suzette responded to the Maria Celeste Arara book in a YouTube video.

"Your book is based on a whole bunch of lies. You know where those lies came from? Your source is the person who killed, cold heartedly murdered, my sister," Suzette said.

If the television series is anything like the book, it purportedly explores the secret life of Selena and how unhappy she was. According to sources close to the family, that is completely false. Selena loved life and was happy until the very end.