A developing story regarding a ruling made by a federal judge panel in San Antonio that affects two of the state's 36 congressional districts. One of those districts is district 27 which covers Corpus Christi and is represented by Congressman Blake Farenthold.

The 107 page ruling basically says the district lines are invalid, because they were flawed by racial gerrymandering to favor one party over another.

The battle lines over the state's congressional map is something that has gone on for years.

The Western District Court previously ruled the redistricting map drawn by the legislature following the 2010 census was a violation of the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution.

There has been litigation over it ever since.

Political analyst for 3 News, Dr. Bill Chriss said, "the court itself approved a temporary map in 2013, which is actually the map which we currently operate under, which the court says is now improper."

Currently republican Congressman Blake Farenthold represents District 27 and has since 2011. Chriss says it appears very likely the court's decision will be appealed.

"If it does stand up on appeal, it's almost certain, the congressional district that represents Corpus Christi will be redrawn in such a way that it no longer runs up to the north, but rather goes out west or south, such that it will be a much more competitive district for democrats or minority candidates than it is now, " said Chriss.

Dr. Nick Adame said this is an issue LULAC Council #1 has been keeping a close eye on.

"Finally, we are seeing progress heading back to Nueces County," Adame said. "It's about representation. We want to make sure our county is clearly represented."

We have also reached out to a rep for Congressman Blake Farenthold who told us they are reviewing the ruling and would send us a statement.

The court has instructed the legislature to come back to the court with a plan that addresses redrawing the map.

If the decision stands, a new map would need to be redrawn by the 2018 elections.