Four letters, a lot of help.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, were at a town hall meeting in Ingleside Thursday put on by Congressman Blake Farenthold's Office.

The event, sponsored by the Ingleside Chamber of Commerce, was held so residents affected by Hurricane Harvey could voice their concerns and ask questions about getting the help they need.

"We need help, we need help now," pleaded Peggy Gaydos, Director of Ingleside's Housing Authority.

Gaydos said they are out of room for people without a home. This is causing individuals to sleep in parks and breezeways, without a bed, a place to shower or the use of a restroom. She attended the meeting to ask FEMA representatives for trailers and temporary shelters.

Along with Gaydos was Louise Riley, whose mobile home was made unlivable by the hurricane. She's been staying at a hotel but said she has to leave Sept. 26, with nowhere to go but her car.

"I have nobody but my dog," Riley said. "It's all I have."

Riley said she needs help now and can't wait for the lengthy application process. However, with the high volume of applicants, FEMA officials are doing the best they can, said FEMA representative Toney Raines.

"We bring the right people to the meeting to make sure that we're actually here and we have good experts here to be able to answer the questions that the citizens have," Raines said.

Raines encourages everyone who truly needs assistance to apply. He and another FEMA representatives were at the meeting to answer questions and walk people through the application process. As for immediate help in Ingleside, nothing has been set in stone.

Mayor Luis Lamas listened to comments and concerns, the main one being a lack of mass communication. With cell service being out, people have not been made aware of any City updates.

Lamas said he is setting up a message board at Ingleside's City Hall -- a two-way form of communication for City officials and residents.

"Comments heard today will take into effect. In fact, the message board at City Hall will go up today. That's been amazing. Anything we can do to get the word out, we're trying to do," Lamas said.

Lamas echoed Raines -- if you need help, apply. They will be able to assist residents in housing related issues and some individuals may qualify for critical needs assistance.

To start the application process, call 1-800-621-3360 or click here.