The man in charge of coordinating FEMA efforts in the Coastal Bend arrived in Corpus Christi Wednesday morning.

The FEMA camp was set up at Cabiness Field and is a place for emergency responders not only from FEMA but non profits like the Red Cross, Samaritans Purse and Salvation Army as well as the 600 or so FEMA workers currently in the Coastal Bend.

The camp currently houses about 200 responders but is being expanded to hold around a thousand.

Kevin Hannes, the FEMA federal coordinating officer, says this is where emergency workers will stay instead of taking up hotel space in the area. "We'll be here until this recovery is complete. You do not have to worry about forces being pulled off to go to Irma at this point. So what we're trying to do is alleviate space in hotels and other lodging facilities that are more appropriate to bring our survivors back to the Corpus Christi, to the greater Coastal Bend area to support their recovery and get them closer to home."

FEMA also released figures on how much help has been handed out locally.

16 million dollars has been handed out in Aransas County where almost 11 thousand have registered for aid.

Hurricane victims in San Patricio County have received 8.9 Million and almost 12,000 have registered.

8.8 Million in Nueces County where 31 thousand have registered and 330 thousand in Bee County where 1208 have registered.

Hannes says finding housing for those who've lost their homes is the number one priority.

Everything from trailers to cottage homes used during Katrina and Ike will be considered and he'll be discussing options with local leaders before a decision is made.