State and federal authorities were in Port Aransas Monday and promised to continue to work to help that city fully recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Nim Kidd, the man in charge of emergency management at the Department of Public Safety, and FEMA’s Regional Administrator Tony Robinson were there to speak with city officials about what needs they have.

They also made sure that City officials are getting what they need in the massive cleanup effort now underway. They said their agencies will not be leaving the area until Port Aransas is back in business.

Right now, the job is to get debris off the streets and portable buildings into town to be used for school rooms. Officials are also looking to bring more food in to feed everyone.

They are also going to check with residents and see if they want to be moved to a shelter outside of town.

The debris cleanup could take a month to complete.

As for gasoline, Kidd said there is plenty of it, and people should go back to buying gasoline just as before.