Residents of Rincon Point Apartments, a low-income housing complex in Taft, were told they have to vacate their homes because of mold that has been found in some of the units after Hurricane Harvey.

On Tuesday, FEMA representatives arrived at the apartment complex to see what kind of assistance they might be able to provide.

The residents -- about 30 families in all -- officially received their eviction notices. At first they thought they would have 72 hours to get out, but they have now been told they will have two additional days on top of that to find a new place to live.

One look around Paul Perez' apartment and you can see there appears to be very little damage.

"The only thing was just the carpet," Perez said. "Nothing else happened to my apartment."

Still, he is among the families at the Rincon Point Apartments who are being forced out after management said roof damage caused water to leak into some of the units, causing mold to form.

The Rincon Point Apartments are run by a non-profit organization. A representative of that organization said they simply do not have the funds to make the repairs.

However, Perez doesn't look like someone who is in a rush to leave. If fact, he still has his Halloween decorations up.

"I hope we don't have to leave, because I like my apartment," Perez said. "If not, hope they can get us a place where we can go to."

Other residents are scrambling to relocate.

FEMA was on hand Tuesday at the complex to speak with folks like Brisa Montez, who waited in the rain to see if she could receive some sort of assistance to help her move.

"What I think is going on is really wrong," Montez said. "There's a lot of people here who don't have anything wrong with their apartments and they are still getting evicted, which I'm one of them. Because there is nothing wrong with my apartment."

Residents are hopeful for the best, but still left with questions as to where they should go.

"Just me trying to figure out how I'm going to pack up all my stuff, where is it going to go, and will I find anything fast enough, you know," Chasity Fuentes said.

Residents said they did not receive a clear answer as to whether they would receive any help to relocate. Many said it is now a game of wait-and-see, but time is running out. They only have five days to vacate.

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