A group of 19 possible candidates to fill newly elected Mayor Joe McComb's old council seat has been whittled down to just four.

Council members picked the four finalists during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

Sylvia Tyron-Oliver is retired from the City and is currently the head of the City's Black Chamber of Commerce.

"With this water situation, with the Harbor Bridge being rebuilt, with all the refineries coming in, I have a passion for and be the voice of the underserved, and the misrepresented or unrepresented people," Tyron-Oliver said. "So I felt that my voice can be their voice."

John Martinez is a civil trial attorney with Hilliard, Munoz & Gonzalez.

"The important thing is our infrastructure and the issues that we're having," Martinez said. "Water is always a big deal. Not only the processing of the wastewater but the water needs for our community."

Debbie Lindsey-Opel was an assistant to the late Mayor Mary Rhodes and has been operating a marketing and consulting firm.

"I think there's some misunderstanding, I think people misunderstand what City staff's job is sometimes," Lindsey-Opel said. "So I think conversely City staff is very busy and needs to move things and sometimes doesn't hear what they're hearing from the public."

The fourth nominee is Kamlesh Bhikha, a local hotel owner and operator. 3News reached out to him but he was unavailable for an interview.

Council will publicly interview all four candidates next Tuesday and will announce their pick after a closed door discussion. The new council member will be sworn in on July 11.