A fire in Rockport Sunday morning leaves two families homeless. This happened at around 7 am at the Little Bay Apartments. Fire officials believe it all started because of some embers that were left behind. It ignited the base of one of the pillars of the second floor and spread to the attic.

Someone was close by when the pillars caught on fire. They were able to call 911 and get all of the neighbors out in time. The entire building was evacuated. But only two units were extensively damaged. The people in the apartments were able to save some of their belongings. One of the families did find a place to stay, the other family was not home when it happened.

Rockport Volunteer Fire Department and the Fulton Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire.

Interesting enough, this building had caught on fire years ago and they installed fire breaks in the attics after it burned down. Fire officials say this is what saved the entire building from catching on fire.