Firefighters said it was fireworks to blame for a massive brush fire that sparked overnight at the Padre Island National Seashore.

The fire left an area of about 320 acres scorched.

The blaze broke out around midnight Monday two miles south of Bob Hall Pier and took firefighters several hours to put out. They are now on standby ready to respond in case they are needed again because of the dry conditions and strong winds that can easily cause a small fire to spread.

Investigators said a group of people had been popping fireworks in the area and left the scene before fire crews arrived.

Kleberg County does allow people to pop fireworks on beaches during the holiday, but investigators are urging those celebrating with fireworks to handle them with caution.

"Do it safely, close to the water," Chief Dale Scott said. "Try to aim into the water, over the water. Try not to aim straight up, where the wind will take it and drop it right into the sand dunes."

Lanes on Park Road 22 remained closed for several hours as units worked against the strong winds to contain the fire. The fire did not reach any structures and no injuries were reported.

The blaze reportedly reignited at around 10 a.m. but fire officials were able to get control of it once again.