It was a nightmare for some, a huge headache for others, as home and business owners in Port Aransas returned Tuesday to assess the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

Several homeowners were just happy their home was still standing, no matter how much damage there was.

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One man and his son were working hard Tuesday to get their home back to normal.

"I was very fortunate. I had minimal water damage upstairs. About 30 inches of water downstairs in the back apartment, but I had something to come back to," Frankie Eicholz said. "I'm very, very lucky."

Eicholz, a resident of Port Aransas for the past 15 years, showed 3News the damage around his home, including palm trees that had fallen from his neighbors yard. He then took us into a back apartment where the water damaged everything inside, from refrigerators and freezers to beds and furniture as well.

"With 30 inches of water, it'll have to be down to the studs or bulldozed and start again," Eicholz said.

Still, he said the hardest thing was warning his wife what might happen as they were evacuating.

"She asked what should I take with me. I said 'We'll take everything that's important because we may come back and there may not be anything left,' and she started crying," Eicholz said. "And I said, 'Hey, that's where we live.'"

At another badly damaged house, friends of the owner showed us what happened after the roof was torn off the building. Everything inside was destroyed.