A Flour Bluff family, who moved her from Alaska back in November, have been the victims of thieves more than once.

First their pickup, $4,000 worth of tools and finally, a high end motorcycle, all taken in the last couple of months.

Jolynn Millette says "In November, we got our truck stolen. And then they retrieved it. Two weeks later they found it but it was pretty beat up. And we brought it back to our apartment complex and in two hours it was stolen again."

Then, the thieves stole the tools from inside of a trailer. And Saturday, March 11, their Harley Davidson was taken.

That motorcycle turned out to be one of seven stolen this past weekend.

Lt. James Lerma, with the Corpus Christi Police Department's Auto Theft Division believes the people involved in this theft ring are not from the coastal bend.

If you have any information that could lead to an arrest on these thefts, call CCPD at 886-2600.